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PLEASE NOTE: This information is for Police and/or Medics to view.

It is confidential and can not be shared unless you are police or a medical practitioner.

Note: This is ONLY an example of what the Police or Medicos (ambulance officers or doctors when in hospital) will be able to see when they scan your QR code.
It ONLY shows what you want it to show.
If you are ever involved in an accident or in a situation where you are unconscious, then the Police/Medicos will search you, your car, wallet or purse - even your clothes, to find out who you are. They will then discover the QR code and scan it. This will save a LOT of time especially if you are overseas at the time. Or even out of your home state or just down the road.

Personal Details for Joe Citizen

First Name Last Name Home Country Left/will leave Australia on
JoeCitizenAustralia24th May 2024

Joe's contacts in Australia

Doctor's Name Doctor's Phone Home Emergency Contact Home Contact's Phone
Dr Bones+61422222222Mr John Citizen (brother)+61433333333

Joe's detailed Medical History

Medical Information
Blood Type: A+

*** This is only a sample of what you might like to have available for medicos ***

*** In reality you can share what you wish - or nothing at all ***

*** You can make changes at ANY time, daily if you wish. ***

Allergic to penicillin

Allergic to peanuts

Olmesartan 20mg once per day at night

Ventolin 2 puffs when needed

Paracetamol 500mg one table twice daily after meals

Aspirin 100mg once per day

I am profoundly deaf. However, I am proficient in Auslan and can communicate with general sign language. I have no hearing aids.

I have had my flu shot and 4 COVID shots/boosters.

If I become unresponsive and am in a vegetative state, I grant the hospital and its doctors permission to not resuscitate me if there is no prospect of recovery to cognitive awareness.

If I should die overseas, and if it can be arranged, I would like to be cremated and my ashes returned to Australia. Please contact my wife, Jill, who is travelling with me and staying at the same hotel, or my brother on +61433333333 to arrange.

I do not wish for my body or remains to be used for scientific purposes however, if any of my organs can be used to medically assist others to prolong their life, I am happy to donate them.

Destinations Joe has visited - or is yet to visit

# Country City Arrival Date Departure Date Accommodation Local Contact Name Local Contact Phone Joe's Local Phone
1IndonesiaKuta24th May 20242nd Jun 2024Pacific HotelGede+62012345678+62012312354
2IndonesiaSinga Raja2nd Jun 20246th Jun 2024Singa Raga HotelGede+62012345678+62012312354
3New ZealandAukland6th Jun 202414th Jun 2024Hotel AuklandJohn+640123456789+641234567890
4New ZealandChristchurch14th Jun 202425th Jun 2024Christchurch RegalJohn+640123456789+641234567890
5New ZealandDunedin25th Jun 202412th Jul 2024Dunedin PalaisJohn+640123456789+641234567890