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TESTIMONIAL by Terry Nelson from Adelaide, Australia

"I travelled to Thailand in February/March 2023 and ended up in hospital. I was in an unconscious state for a week and a half. The authorities could not find out who I was resulting in none of my family and friends knowing of my condition or whereabouts. I was reported as a missing person in Thailand by my family. The whole process was made difficult for my family and friends not knowing where I was as I had been at the International Airport about to fly home at the time of my Medical episode.

I can see the difference the Emergency Travel Data QR code would have made as the police and doctors could have easily scanned it and found my contacts in Thailand and Australia - as well as my doctor in Australia and my medications."

Reviews for Emergency Travel Data

The review feature is brand new. It has just been made active - so we are eagerly awaiting your comments.
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First Name Type Country City Review
DwayneReferrerAustraliaROXBY DOWNS joined as a Referrer and it was easy. I posted a link of the website and Referrer Id on Facebook, easy, and then shared it with friends and a few groups. I got 50 hits in the first day and they keep going daily. You can see how many have used your referrer id in the page ETD sets up for you as a referrer. The sales from those hits is utterly amazing. I have now over 200 hits so far, in only a week.