Frequently Asked Questions

Cost depends on the options you choose

There are possibly 2 costs. One is the lifelong Medical Records which has a once only cost of $33.00 AUD and the other is a Destination by Destination record of your travel. That option costs $11.00 and lasts for 3 months. You can purchase further 3 month access for $11.00 AUD each time.

To be clear: On the initial signing up, you will be charged $33.00 AUD if you opt for lifelong Medical Records ONLY and $44.00 AUD if you opt for lifelong Medical Record plus 3 month Destination by Destination records.

Easy! Print it, maybe laminate it and then carry it everywhere

After purchasing your very own UNIQUE ETD QR code, you will receive a copy of it (and a sheet of 6 for your convenience) in an email sent to the email address you supply when purchasing. It is a PNG image file. You can open it or print it OR/AND SAVE it on a personal/private USB. Remember that the QR code does have a link to all of your medical history, which will be needed in an emergency, so it is better to save it on your very own USB for later use.

If you have a printer, print the QR code or the QR code sheet. If you do not have a printer, head down to your local Office shop and hand them the file which you have saved previously (remember to ensure that they delete the file from their computer IF they need to save it in order to do the printing).

Once printed, you might wish to laminate it (maybe while you are at the Office shop). The code does not need to be laminated because you can print replacements any time if it gets a bit ragged.

You can also make the ETD QR code your home screen, if you wish. Remember, that the QR code needs to be available (in a wallet, purse, as a home screen or even glued to the back of your phone) any time you leave your home.

Definitely not!

The QR code is printed on a piece of paper which is scanned by the police/medicos when they find it after looking through your purse/wallet to see who you are. So, it is the police/medicos who do the scanning. You do not even need a phone.

It is recommended that your ETD QR code is kept in your wallet/purse - whereve police would search for your driver's licence. It is also recommended that you laminate it at your local office store. But, if not, you will have been provided with a set of six QRs so if they deteriorate over time, you can always use one of the others you have printed.

Should you need more, you can always go to your OWN ETD QR User's Page and get another copy of the set of 6 QR codes and print them again. You receive a link to your own User's page in your initial email. It is recommended that you bookmark/make that page a favourite for easy access in the future.

This could be lucrative if you are a travel agent, have a website, blog, Facebook account a desk, a shop window or even a large family

Regardless, we encourage you to tell your family and friends about ETD. They will be happy that you did and we would be grateful. Your reward is that you may save their life by doing so - if they sign up.

However, by registering to become an official ETD referrer (costs AUD $5.50) you can make money every time one of your referrals pays to to get an ETD QR code. It is that simple. All you need to do is provide your name and (PayPal registered) email address and pay the AUD $5.50 registration fee. If you are an Australian business and wish to declare that fact, you are also asked to supply your Business Name and ABN purely for tax purposes on your invoice and remittances.

Sample Referrer QR code After registering, you will be provided, via email, your own ETD Referrer QR code, like the one to the left. YOUR QR code will include your Referrer ID in a link to the ETD website. You can make multiple copies of that QR code either by print or by placing the image on a website, blog, Facebook page etc. Anyone who scans that QR Code, and then signs up for an ETD QR Code will result in you receiving AUD $11.00.

If you have a Facebook account, you can paste the link (INCLUDING your Referrer ID) to the Emergency Travel Data website and then write some compelling text. Remember, the more convincing you are that the ETD QR code may save their life - for only $33.00 AUD - the more likely it is that they will join - and you make more money.

If you wish, you can change the text at the bottom of the code to make it more suitable for yourself or your business.

This is what happens when someone scans your ETD Referrer QR code:

The URL above points to the ETD website BUT has a referrer code appended which looks like ?ReferrerID=RefID:xyz123...... This is what our system recognises as your unique code and so, anyone joining up after scanning your Referrer QR code with be deemed to have had you as the source of their visit.

At the beginning of each month, you will receive AUD $11.00 for each of your referrals who pays/joins ETD as an individual.

Register HERE

Unfortunately, if you refer someone who registers as an ETD Referrer themselves, this will not be counted and, in fact, increases your competition. However, if you sign up a Business Client you will receive payments for every staff member for whom the business representative purchases a ETD QR code. This could be hundreds of people - or as few as 2... You receive nothing for the actual Business Application as they do not receive an individual ETD QR Code themselves.

You will know how many people have joined because you will receive an email with simply their First Name and Country. You can turn OFF the emails if you are referring so many people that the emails become almost spam. However, you will still be able to check on your progress by visiting your very OWN User Page.

The money will be sent via PayPal to your email address. If you have a registered PayPal account using that email address, the money is deposited there. If you do not yet have a PayPal account, please set one up as soon as possible. To save time, simply start up a PayPal account before your first payment using the email address you register with (which you can change at any time - but still must be associated with a PayPal account).

Failure to have a PayPal account associated with your email address will result in you not receiving your payments.

So, if you have a large family, you might consider registering as a referrer, to get back AUD $11.00 for each family member who signs up for an ETD QR code.

However, the ability to register as a 'Referrer' will be stopped at some time into the future to avoid a 'Ponzi' like effect. That means, if more than half the world is registered as an ETD client, there will be fewer opportunities to recruit new clients. At that time, the ability to register as a referrer will be discontinued BUT, those already registered will be able to continue to refer.

Register HERE

Yes! Depending on how many staff you have, the cost will be discounted accordingly.

You can ONLY purchase the LIFELONG Medical Records only for your staff. They will need to purchase the Destination by Destination feature for AU$11 for each three months themselves.

If you have less than 10 staff, the cost is the same: $33.00 AUD per staff memebr BUT you have the knowledge that you have assisted them for the remainder of their lives.

If you have 10 to 99 staff then the cost for Medical Records drops to $27.50 AUD per person.

For 100 or more staff, the cost drops to be only $22 AUD per person for the LIFELONG Medical Records only.

But why stop at staff? You might decide to support each of your staff's family and order enough to cover them all.

Please be aware: any unused QR purchases have no refunds. So it will be better for you to simply send the email link you will get to other people you know.

There is a VAST difference!

Because of the size of a physical bracelet, it can contain only that medical information which can fit. It doe NOT display your contacts nor your emergency contacts.


The ETD QR code offers a complete web page dedicated to YOU which displays only what you wish including Medical data you wish to disclose to medicos, any close contacts you wish to share and local cotacts may have in any destination you may be visiting.

When scanned, your ETD QR will provide police instant access to any information you choose to share. Without this, using only your driver's licence, it may take them hours just to find out who you are if you are travelling abroad. The driver's licence method will not advise them of your close contacts at home nor where you are staying or any local contacts. Gaining that information would take far longer than the 2 seconds using the ETD QR code.

The ETD QR code is far cheaper and is updatable by YOU without having to order another bracelet etc, and then wait for it to be created and delivered.

With the ETD QR code, you can literally update it whilst you are actually travelling or on the night you are about to go out.

It varies but most is lifelong

The Medical Record component of your purchase is lifelong.

If you also purchase the Destination by Destination option, the data last for 3 months only. It is meant for when you and your family go on holidays. If your trip lasts longer than 3 months or if you start a new trip, simply purchase another 3 months for AUD $11 - it is not that expensive for absolute peace of mind.

If you ever wish to delete EVERYTHING, you will be able to do that easily. You will be provided a link in the initial email after purchasing (and on a unique web page created for you). When you click that link, you will be warned and if you proceed, all of your data, invoices - everything - will be gone for good and no chance of recovery. So, print invoices first and then delete.

Not a problem! You can quickly get a NEW FREE ETD QR code.

Your Emergency Travel Data QR code is best located in your purse/wallet and so if that is stolen, your QR code and your details are compromised.

When you sign up, you will receive both an email and your OWN User page containing all the lniks and features you need.

On that links page there will be a LINK which will allow you to simply click and receive a NEW QR code via email. That's it! And it's FREE. The OLD QR code is rendered useless immediately and so none of your details will be compromised.

You can do this as often as needed. The process only takes seconds!

Of course, you will need to print the NEW QR code - your old one will be useless.

By form or by post

The whole site is driven by a database - there are really no people associated with it except for the developers.

There is enough information within the pages, especially the home page, for people to understand what is happening. And for $33.00 AUD for life, it is not such a huge outlay.

If you have signed up and paid your $33.00 AUD then you will be sent an email with a link to the contact form. You can then let us know if something did not work as you expected and send screen shots if it is appropriate to support your case. Please note: you will only be able to make 1 FREE contact. Further contact can be made, but for a fee which will be reimbursed if the contact is not frivilous.

Also, once a member, you will be given a link so that you can post a review of our service.

If you wish to post a question using 'snail mail', then the address is:
Emergency Travel Data
Suite 911
Ground Floor
26 Franklin Street

All correspondence currently needs to be in ENGLISH

Yes. It has been a global payment gateway since 2010

STRIPE is easy to use and easy to set up. The interface presented when you pay asks for your credit card details and your billing details. Your credit card details are NOT kept on the Emergency Travel Data website. Your billing details are for the purpose of creating your invoices.


"Globally, Stripe processes internet payments for more than 1 million businesses and helps build payment functionality on apps. Amazon, Shopify, Doordash, Slack, Zoom and Reddit are all customers. It has 4000 employees and conducts local acquiring functions in 47 countries."
Quote sourced from the Australian Financial Review newspaper on June 17th 2021: Read Financial Review article