Buy LIFETIME QR codes for your staff - for only AU$33 each (or less)

Treat your staff to 'peace of mind' when they leave their home.
Depending on the number of ETD QRs you order at one time, you could purchase them for
as low as AU$22 per person.

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By registering as a Business Client you will be asked to fill in the details of your business, a contact name and email address. You then enter how many ETD QR codes you wish to purchase at one time. If your order is less than 10, then you will still be charged AU$33.00 for each QR code but you can rest assured that you are securing a vital service for your staff. If you purchase 10 to 99 ETD QR codes in one purchase, then the cost drops to AU$27.50 per person. However, if you purchase 100 or more in any one transaction, then you will only be charged AU$22.00 for each QR code.

Please be aware that you can 'top up' your order at any time. So, for example, if you ordered 9 and then need another 6, the cost remains AU$33.00 each (because each purchase was less than 10 QR codes). If you need 100 in total, and you purchase them in lots of 10, the price remains AU$27.50 each. Therefore, what you buy does NOT accumulate and therefore gain the benefit of buying in bulk. Each purchase is governed by the number you purchase each time.

So, if you want to buy 100 in total, do so in one lot and benefit by purchasing each QR for AU$22.00 each rather than 10 lots of 10, where you will be charged AU$27,50 for each ETD QR code.

All payents are made using the STRIPE payment gateway. For more information about STRIPE please CLICK HERE (a new browser page will open and when you close it - or press < to go back, you will be right back here.) The is also more information about STRIPE in the FAQ.

The Process:
Once you submit and pay for the number of ETD QR codes you wish to purchase, you will be sent an email to the address you provide. That email contains links to invoices and other details of your purchase. It also contains a link to change the person receiving these emails and/or the email address.

You will also receive another email which you can forward to your staff, in bulk or one at a time. It has a link to the ETD website and also a reference to your Business so that the staff are drawing upon the numbers of QR codes you purchased.

When your staff member successfully submits the form (at no cost to them and no credit card needed because you have already paid) they are sent their own unique QR code and your QR Code balance remaining is lessened by 1. When you are down to 5 QR codes, you will be sent an email letting you know. When all 'credits' have been used, you will also be sent an email stating that fact and offered an option to buy more 'credits'. If a staff member tries to submit after your 'credit' has reached zero, they are warned that there are no credits left and to contact you.

In your original email, you will be provided a link so you can view who has already received their QR code and how many you have left. Other than that, you will have no access to any other details provided by the staff, now or in the future. The QR codes you are purchasing for your staff are for their use only and are confidential.

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